Welcome to the UQTestFuns documentation!#

UQTestFuns is an open-source Python3 library of test functions commonly used within the applied uncertainty quantification (UQ) community. The package aims to provide:

  • a lightweight implementation (with minimal dependencies) of many test functions available in the UQ literature

  • a single entry point (combining models and their probabilistic input specification) to a wide range of test functions

  • an opportunity for an open-source contribution where new test functions and reference results are posted.

Getting Started

New to, but ready to use, UQTestFuns? You can check out the guide on how to create a built-in test function or a custom one. Need some background info first? Check out the what & why of these test functions.

User Guide

Be sure to browse through all the available test functions in UQTestFuns; they are also crudely classified into their usage in typical UQ analyses. Need a reference on how to define a probabilistic input model, there’s a dedicated section on that!

API Reference

The API reference guide contains a detailed description of high-level entities (functions, classes, methods, and properties) included in UQTestFuns.

Contributor’s Guide

If you’re interested in extending UQTestFuns, be it adding a new test function, a new distribution, or a new reference results in the docs, be sure to check out the Contributor’s Guide.